Indonesia trip


  At the Water's Edge, Inc.

Indonesia, Early Spring 2018

   This trip was filled in two weeks!  Call for any cancellations.  Another one has been proposed, but we are waiting to see how much interest there is.


Bali, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Flores - these are names to conjure with.  Islands of mystery, adventure, beauty and some of the best SCUBA diving in the world!  

Think of slipping off the dreary bonds of modern life; of escaping to a pristine world of great diving; of dragons and adventure.  That's what awaits you.  The excellent food, and service aboard our (custom built) pirate ship, the Pindito will create fond memories.

I wonder what the night dive will be like?

We will also explore some of the islands

What's over the next hill?

Yes, the total cost will be high, BUT by planning this far in advance, it can be budgeted for.  As Bert said, "about the cost of a dinner out each week." We do have the entire boat, but spaces are going fast.  Reserve your spot.

View the Pindito here

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